The Conyers Timeline

The progression of events at Conyers is an immense expression of The Living God’s tremendous Love and Mercy—as well as the unconditional love of Our Loving Mother. Explore the timeline below and learn about how this beautiful story unfolded, blessing us all.


  1. October 1983—A 35 year old mother and registered nurse first began to have mystical experiences.
  2. 1985—The woman was awakened by mystical light and heard the Lord telling her she was a prophet.
  3. February 1987—The woman experienced her first full-length apparition of Our Lord, who did not speak to her.
  4. October 1987—The woman already begun to receive inner locutions from the Blessed Mother. She was pulled by an inter call to go to Medjugorie, Yugoslavia. After climbing Mt. Krizevac, she heard a deep voice saying she is a prophet.
  5. November 1987—An immense Light settles over the Crucifix and Jesus appears. She asks, what do you want of me? Jesus tells her that He wants her to bear witness that He is the Son of the Living God.
  6. December 1987—Jesus tells the visionary that she will see him all the days of her life as long as she remains completely obedient and does not seek any vainglory.
  7. Early in 1988—The Blessed Mother begins to appear to the visionary. She was then living in Illinois.


  1. Summer 1990—Through a series of visions, the visionary was led to a house in Conyers, Georgia. Jesus tells her that the little hill in her back yard is Holy Ground.
  2. August 1990—Through a friend, Mary Burke, Jesus gives instructions by inner locutions for the visionary to build a stone altar on the little hill in the shape of a cross on the ground with the top of the cross higher than the foot of the cross.
  3. September 1990—The Blessed Mother gives the first message for the United States and tells the visionary She will appear on the 13th of the month with a message for the United States.
  4. Fall 1990—Jesus asks the visionary to reveal the heavenly messages to the world at large.
  5. October 1990—The Blessed Mother gives the first of 44 monthly messages on the 13th for the United States and the world. She also requests that a prayer group be formed.


  1. Early 1991—As word of the apparitions spread, the number of pilgrims increase to 60-70 on the 13th in her backyard to pray the Rosary and hear the monthly message.
  2. April 1991—Bob and Bernie Hughes come for the first time. They meet Mary Burke who said immediately, “Oh, you’re the Hughes’s, the Blessed Mother said you would be coming.” The Hughes’s had no idea what that meant.
  3. May 1991—The Hughes’s returned for the 13th and became aware of the concern and urgency of the Blessed Mother asking the visionary to try very hard to find publisher for the first book because Her children need the words of Her Son. The Hughes’s volunteer to provide the money to print 10,000 copies of the first book.
  4. June 1991—Jack Sweeney, who types up and keeps the messages, and Bob Hughes meet to discuss the new book. Jack organizes the messages and Bob looks for a printer to publish the book. The Blessed Mother requests the Hughes’s to help build the church and buy the land.
  5. July 1991—Bob and Bernie Hughes purchase the 30 acre “Farm” for Jesus and Mary as an act of faith in the Conyers messages. Jesus tells the visionary the name of the church is Our Loving Mother and it will be the main church on the property. He says we have One Mother under many titles. Jesus gives them a special thank you and blessing.
  6. August 1991—Jack Sweeney finishes the first book and Our Loving Mother tells the visionary, let the book be published, spread the news and tell others. Our Loving Mother thanks Bob and Bernie for purchasing the land for Her Son and Her, saying many souls will be brought here to Her Son. She mentions that you cannot understand the greatness of God’s plan here. On August 15th, the Feast of the Assumption, a procession takes place from the visionaries home to the new home of Our Loving Mother at the Farm symbolizing the move of the monthly apparitions to the Farm on the 13th.
  7. September 1991—Mike O’Connor, from Virginia, joins in helping Bob Hughes, also from Virginia, in preparing the Farm house and grounds in Conyers for the first apparition taking place on the 13th at the new home of Our Loving Mother at the Farm. The first book is published and made available for the 13th apparition. Our Loving Mother tells Bob Hughes through the visionary that as the head of his household, his charity pleases Her. The visionary was thinking about the Church and Our Loving Mother said that She prefers tradition.
  8. December 1991—Our Loving Mother’s Children (OLMC) was formally incorporated as a non-profit, religious educational organization and Mike O’Connor along with Bob and Bernie Hughes become directors for the non-profit organization OLMC. The number of pilgrims coming on the 13th has grown into the thousands. Our Loving Mother in a message to the visionary tells Bob Hughes to secure additional parking as crowds will be growing in great numbers.


  1. April 1992—OLMC publishes the first monthly Conyers Journal of Teaching and Messages. Jesus tells the visionary that Bob and Bernie’s hearts are humble and they seek His Will. They have been given many Graces and they are able to work with the visionary and they are one with Jesus. Then Jesus thanks them for serving Him. Jesus also tells Bernie that she could teach His daughter (the visionary) much. The visionary remarks that Bob and Bernie are glowing in light. Jesus asks her if she wants to know why that is happening? Jesus said you are seeing Me in them. Later in that month, Bob was present for an apparition of Our Loving Mother and as She was getting ready to depart, She asked Bob and Bernie to bow their heads. The visionary said, I thought She said Bernie (who was not there). Our Loving Mother said, when I bless Bob, I bless Bernie also.
  2. May 1992—The second book of messages is published by OLMC.
  3. June 1992—The estimated number of pilgrims visiting on the 13th exceeds 10,000 for the first time. As the year progresses, the number of pilgrims each 13th increases to an estimated 25,000 by year end.
  4. July 1992—The 17 acre “Morris Property” is purchased by Bob and Bernie and was renovated to become the Mother of God Catholic Church and Rectory. Jesus gave a message about that property, before it was purchased, saying He needs this land. This property since has been donated to the Catholic Church by Bob and Bernie Hughes.
  5. September 1992—The 7.5 acre Lockart Property is purchased by Bob and Bernie Hughes. This is the property between the visionaries home and the Mother of God Catholic Church. The visionary was complaining about the price Bob Hughes was going to pay saying it is too much. Jesus then said to the visionary, how much is too much for Me? The property now serves as a second Rectory for visiting priests, nuns, etc. with a large meeting room used by the Parish. This property since has been donated to the Catholic Church by Bob and Bernie. OLMC publishes the booklet called, “The Commandments”.
  6. October 1992—During an apparition of Jesus, He said through the visionary, Bob and Bernie, I am giving you strength. I love you, thank you for giving your suffering to Me. No matter what happens, if you stay close to Me, I will turn it into good for the salvation of your soul.
  7. November 1992—The 82 acre “Barksdale Property is purchased by Bob and Bernie Hughes. The property will create  much needed parking for not only cars but also for the many buses to come with pilgrims as the crowds greatly increase. This property combined with the other two properties now give complete access to the Holy Hill at the visionaries home from the Farm thus keeping the pilgrims from parking and walking on the county roads. This land has since been donated to Our Loving Mother’s Children and is the site where the proposed Our Loving Mother Church will be built.


  1. February-March 1993—The visionary makes the first of four trips to Bolivia and undergo the initial neuropsychological testing in La Paz by Dr. Castañón. The Blessed Mother appears in Dr. Castañón home.  Catalina Rivas (a fruit of Conyers and a future visionary and stigmatist) has a conversion experience after hearing a talk by the visionary during this visit.
  2. March 1993—The blizzard of ’93 in the morning of  March 13th turned into one of the worst blizzards to hit Georgia in the 20th century. An estimated 8,000 pilgrims were trying to make their way to the apparition site for the noontime apparition and Rosary. The visionary received a message around 8 AM asking the pilgrims to please stay where they were and participate in the Rosary from there. They would receive the same graces as if they were at the Farm. Pilgrims that were already there remarked how they smelled roses in the 20-25 mph winds on the Holy Hill and that the well water tasted like rose water that day.
  3. April 1993—Jesus tells the visionary that many scientists are coming and that He will outwit them all. The results will be astonishing. Later in an apparition, the visionary remarks, Bob is bursting in light like in a glorified state. He is all light not like a physical person.  Jesus said Bob glows like a most precious gem, his soul contains My life. Bob and Bernie, Bernie and Bob My friends. You are one in each other and you are one in Me. The visionary remarks he is glorified, I can’t see him. Jesus said, My light is all you see isn’t it? Bob in all the decisions you are making you are seeking My help. Be assured I am helping you.
  4. June 1993—Medical and scientific testing of the visionary during the apparition produce extraordinary results that science cannot explain. After the apparition the scientist and doctors were invited to a back room in the Farm House by Jesus. As the visionary knelt down in front of the Crucifix, an immense light came over it as she spoke to Jesus.  The scientists placed their probes on the hands of Jesus on the crucifix while He was appearing and recorded a pulse. Astounded, they move the probe to the chest of Jesus on the crucifix and recorded a heartbeat. All of a sudden, Jesus said that is all and everything stopped.
  5. June 1993—The visionary prayed for a “sister” who could see and experience what she experiences. Our Loving Mother granted this request, and this sister would turn out to be Catalina Rivas.
  6. August 1993—Two additional properties were purchased by Bob and Bernie Hughes. They were the 17 acre “Chupp Property” and the 6 acre “Frazier Property”. The Frazier property purchase was short money and a outsider helped and still maintains a 23% ownership. Both of these properties added much needed parking plus a second entrance for pilgrims to enter and exit the parking areas. Since then the properties have been donated to Our Loving Mother’s Children by Bob and Bernie, except for the 23% still owned by the outsider.
  7. September 1993—Catalina first experiences receiving an inner locution (message) from the Mother of God.  She continues to receive and record messages in Spanish.
  8. October 1993—During an apparition the visionary saw a light come down on Bob Hughes that was very bright. Jesus said, Bob, My businessman, My accountant, My friend. Jesus continues, give My love to Bernie. Your family will be growing. The visionary said, Bob disappeared, like he has a glorified body, he literally disappears from the room. It is awesome, praise you Jesus. At that time, Bob and Bernie had four children and four grandchildren. Presently they have sixteen grandchildren and six great grandchildren.
  9. November 1993—After hearing another talk by the visionary during her second visit to Bolivia, Catalina’s conversion experience is strengthen. Catalina experiences receiving an inner locution from Jesus in her native language, Spanish.


  1. May 1994—The Blessed Virgin Mary made her last monthly appearance but promises to return each October 13th but does not indicate a date when the messages will end. There were nearly 100,000 pilgrims present, including Catalina Rivas of Bolivia. 
  2. June 1994—Jesus begins to appear on the 13th from the Crucifix in the Apparition Room to the visionary. He gives the visionary messages each month for the next 16 months as the pilgrims continue to come in faith and pray the Rosary.
  3. September 1994—Prayer groups in Bolivia publish in Spanish the first book of Catalina’s messages called, “Divine Inspirations: Springs of Mercy”.
  4. October 1994—Our Loving Mother begins her yearly Anniversary Apparition on each October 13th and appears annually until Her final apparition on October 13, 1998. Catalina visits Conyers and receives on the Holy Hill the wounds of Christ, the stigmata, which were painful but invisible at first.


  1. March 1995—During the visionaries third mission to Bolivia, Jesus tells her He will leave a sign of His presence in Bolivia. Two days later, as the visionary is returning by plane to Georgia, a statue of Christ with the crown of thorns begins to weep and bleed. The blood is tested and determined to be of human origin. In response, the Archbishop of Cochabamba requests Dr. Castanon to investigate the statue and he has Ron Tesoriero join him in conducting the investigation.
  2. Circa Late Summer 1995—Mike O’Connor retires and moves to Conyers to help supervise and maintain the Farm and grounds in preparation for the growing crowds each 13th.
  3. September 1995—After receiving the report of his Commission of Investigation, the Archbishop of Cochabamba, Bolivia, Mons. René Fernández, declares that the case is authentic and the bleeding statue of Christ “can be venerated by the devout faithful”.
  4. October 1995—Jesus tells the visionary that she will be returning to more solitary prayer and her life will take a new direction. Jesus tells her she will not return to the Farm until October 13th of next year. The visionary begins a three-year period with few public appearances.
  5. Circa 1995—Our Loving Mother’s Children create their Conyers website with all of the published messages available to read and/or print for free.


  1. January 1996—Catalina’s stigmata becomes visible. In a two-week period she receives 900 pages of handwritten, profound messages from Jesus in Spanish. She continues to receive messages that have been published in 17 books to date, 16 of which have the imprimatur.
  2. Summer 1996—OLMC publishes the third book of Conyers Messages.
  3. Fall 1996—Prayer groups in Bolivia publish in Spanish three more books of Catalina’s messages: “The Ark of the New Covenant”, “The Great Crusade of Love” and “The Door to Heaven”.
  4. October 1996—Jesus tells the visionary that He will permit her to travel and speak and He invites His children to come to the Farm to pray. Jesus tells the visionary that she may remain apart from the public but to be united with them in prayer. Also, one of the largest crowd of pilgrims is present for the apparition on the 13th. Before witnesses the visionary and the hidden visionary state that Jesus told them that morning that Catalina’s stigmata wounds are His wounds.


  1. Circa 1997—Prayer groups in Bolivia publish in Spanish three more books of Catalina’s messages:  “The Great Crusade of Mercy”, “The Passion” and “Holy Hour”.
  2. September 1997—Fr. Renè Laurentin, in an interview with Dr. Castañón relating to the question of the visionaries authenticity, says: “I rely on the tests that Christ Himself gave—from the fruits, you shall know them. I see clearly the fruits of Conyers.”
  3. November 1997—The visionary wrote to the Archbishop of Atlanta to inform him of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s requests to build a church on the apparition site. She had received many unpublished messages over the years from Jesus and the Blessed Mother requesting that a church be built at the apparition site to honor Our Loving Mother.
  4. December 1997—The Conyers visionary and Catalina attend a retreat in Mexico City, Mexico near the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  In her talk the Conyers visionary says: “We are being called to be apostles, apostles of today.” She also receives a sign that she had asked for from Jesus to affirm Catalina’s authenticity.


  1. March 1998—The Archbishop of Cochabamba issued a Lenten Pastoral Letter entitled “The New Evangelization,” announcing the formation of the Apostolate of the New Evangelization and its program, “The Crusade of Love and Mercy,” two primary themes communicated through the Conyers messages.
  2. April 1998—Prayer groups in Bolivia publish in Spanish the eighth book of Catalina’s messages: “The Great Crusade of Salvation”.  The Archbishop of Cochabamba, Bolivia gives his Imprimatur to all eight books of Catalina’s messages. The 2 acre “Coursey Property” was purchased on the corner to protect the apparition site from unrelated business that might try to buy the corner lot. It has served as additional housing for visitors and volunteers. Since then it has been donated to Our Loving Mother’s Children. Bishop Moskel of the Ukrainian Catholic Church Eparchy (Diocese) made the decision to establish the Mother of God Catholic Church on a property adjacent to the apparition site.
  3. May 1998—The release of video documentary “For All Humanity” by Ron Tesoriero which presents evidence that connects the Conyers apparitions with the bleeding statue in Bolivia and with Catalina. Catalina also visits the visionary in Conyers. While at Mass and with the visionary by her side, as Catalina receives Holy Communion on her tongue, a blood-like substance inexplicably appears on the Host and is witnessed by the priest, the visionary, Dr. Castañón, Ron Tesoriero and others.
  4. July 1998—During her fourth trip to Bolivia, the Conyers visionary along with Catalina and other ministry representatives from Conyers and Bolivia are present as the Blessed Mother appears to Catalina and requests that: the Conyers and Bolivia representatives be united; that there be a great campaign of the Rosary; and that the representatives should help with the Crusade of Love and Mercy.
  5. August 1998—OLMC conducts its first weekend retreat that is attended by over 60 people. The goal of the retreat is to develop plans for OLMC programs after the upcoming final apparition of the Blessed Mother to the visionary on October 13, 1998. The Conyers visionary was invited but could not attend the retreat because of another commitment.  She did provide input for planning the retreat. The 2 acre Nielsen Property is purchased by Hughes and used for volunteers that take care of the Farm and surrounding grounds. Since then, the property has been donated to OLMC.
  6. October 1998—October 11th was the official dedication by Bishop Moskel and opening of the new Mother of God Catholic Church [Ukrainian-Eastern Rite under the Pope] adjacent to the Holy Hill at the Conyers apparition site.  On the evening of October 12th, the largest number of pilgrims ever fills the Holy Hill for the candlelight vigil for the 13th. The last public message and apparition of the Our Loving Mother at Conyers where a reported 100,000 pilgrims are present at the Farm with the Blessed Mother to pray the Rosary. This day is also the first live satellite broadcast of the apparition of Our Loving Mother and the Worldwide Rosary for Peace direct from the Farm at Conyers. This broadcast reportedly reached millions of TV viewers around the world. An “extraordinary grace” was granted on this 13th as many souls were released from Purgatory in honor of Our Loving Mother and Her title at Conyers. The Conyers visionary and Catalina make a joint appearances as speakers and panel members at the Medjugorje Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  7. November 1998—The 1 acre Skinner Property was purchased by Hughes to complete the entire grounds for the apparition site that totalled well over 100 acres. The property is used for volunteers that take care of the Farm and surrounding grounds. Since then, the property has been donated to OLMC.
  8. December 1998—The Conyers visionary and Catalina go to Australia and make joint appearances as speakers at the two Science and Faith Conferences in Australia.


  1. January 1999—Catalina receives messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother expressing concern for the future of Conyers and giving words of encouragement.  Jesus asks Catalina to make the sacrifice of coming to Conyers from Bolivia for 5 months to pray at the Farm on the 13ths starting in January. Catalina comes on January 13th but the Conyers visionary does not join her or spend time with her. In the absence of the Conyers visionary at the Farm, the media coverage afterwards focused on Catalina.
  2. March 1999—The Conyers visionary formally dissociates herself from OLMC and the Farm and takes a new direction. She indicated that she wanted to withdraw from the public eye and go into seclusion as she felt her work was done. Later she requested that OLMC not publish any of her messages or use her name. Some years later, she actually changed her name. In January 2012, the Conyers visionary died leaving those instructions intact. Therefore, OLMC will continue to honor her request unless her heirs direct otherwise.
  3. April 1999—The medical and scientific testing of Catalina at the Clinic of the Angels in Mexico City was an independent testing organized and was funded by the FOX broadcasting network which was preparing a documentary on Catalina and other reported visionaries and mystical phenomena.  As with the Conyers visionary, the doctors and scientists find extraordinary results that science cannot explain. Jesus tells Catalina that she will experience the stigmata on June 4, 1999 and that the FOX Network documentary team could be present.
  4. May 1999—The Apostolate of the New Evangelization is officially commissioned as an ecclesial movement in the Church by Archbishop René Fernández at an inter­national conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Prior to the conference a beautiful and extraordinary sign is given for the conference on a life-size picture image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. (Note to view the miraculous picture, see the tab “Holy Cards” on the Love and Mercy Publications website.  OLMC joins the Apostolate as a charter, participating organization.
  5. June 1999—As Jesus promised, Catalina experiences the stigmata, a very powerful expression of Jesus’ Passion and His continuing infinite Love and Mercy for mankind. The FOX documentary team is present to record this event. For more information, see the DVD, “A Plea to Humanity”.
  6. July 1999—The FOX documentary on Catalina’s mystical experiences and other reported visionaries and mystical phenomena is broadcast and watched by over 20 million viewers. OLMC decides to publish the messages and books of Catalina and Jack Sweeney takes the lead to head up the translation of Catalina’s messages from Jesus and Mary with an all volunteer staff. As the translations into English are done, Jack reviews, organizes and prepares the books for printing by OLMC a under the name of Love and Mercy Publications that becomes the publishing arm of OLMC.

Present Day—Make a Retreat at the Farm

Retreats may be scheduled by making reservations. To use the Spirituality Center or schedule an overnight stay at one of the two retreat houses, you must make a reservation. On October 1, 2000, the Feast Day of the Protection of the Mother of God, marked the establishment of Our Loving Mother’s Spirituality Center at the Farm in Conyers. The Spirituality Center is available for Retreats, Prayer Groups and Conferences. A reservation must be made to use the Center. The Center will hold up to 100 people and is completely air conditioned. It has a small kitchen and eating area ideal for a brown bag lunch. The Center is self-contained with toilet facilities and break area where hot and cold drinks can be served. A speaker system & large TV are available upon request. CALL 470-467-4446 to check availability.

RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE! To make a retreat and stay at one of the two retreat houses or reserve the Spirituality Center at the Farm, call 470-467-4446 to check the availability for your date. Also, you can send a request via email to: