Submit A Prayer Request

Place all of your needs, worries and struggles at the feet of Our Loving Mother, who will bring them to her Loving and Merciful Son.

All petitions, when received, will be placed in the Apparition Room at the Farm. On the 13th of the month, during the noon Rosary, the petitions will be presented to Our Loving Mother as She prays the Rosary with the pilgrims. After the Rosary, the baskets of petitions will be carried to the 2 pm Pilgrim Mass (Divine Liturgy) at the Mother of God Catholic Church where they will be blessed and presented to Jesus.

To submit your prayer petitions to Our Loving Mother and have them placed in the Apparition Room (Shrine of Our Loving Mother) at Conyers for the Rosary Rally on the 13th of the month, please fill out the form below. You may also fill in, print and mail our Prayer Request Form to:

Our Loving Mother’s Children

P.O. Box 309
Conyers, GA 30012

My Dear Loving Mother, below are my petitions and prayer requests.