Major Themes and Messages

While the original Conyers messages cannot be used, the major themes are found in the messages and writings of other mystics and visionaries. Click into each of these important themes for more information and examples of related messages.

1. The Paramount Importance of the Holy Mass and the Holy Eucharist


2. Jesus’ Suffering of Calvary & Today and Mankind’s Crosses & Suffering


3. Doing the Will of God is Essential for Peace and Salvation


4. Experience the Depths of God’s Love and Mercy

The Blessed Mother’s messages at Conyers echoed the words of Jesus at Conyers, in the Gospels and to other visionaries. The overall theme of the Conyers messages has been summed up in two words: Love and Mercy.In His messages at Conyers, Jesus recommended reading “Divine Mercy in My Soul”, the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska, a Polish nun to whom Jesus appeared and gave messages in the 1930s. St. Faustina was canonized by Pope John Paul II on the Feast of Divine Mercy in April 2000.

5. Be Holy Witnesses to a Living God – Evangelize!

Through Her holiness and constant evangelization for Her Son, the Mother of God is the greatest model of a Holy Witness given to mankind. St. Faustina and the many other saints that appeared in apparitions at Conyers were also excellent models, particularly St. (Padre) Pio, the Italian priest, stigmatist and visionary of the 20th Century who appeared many times at Conyers and who was canonized by Pope John Paul II in June 2002.

6. Honor One Mother with Many Titles

In Her final message at Conyers, Our Loving Mother said that She was gathering Her children together from East to West into the one Body of Christ and called Her children to be united. Today, OLMC is working to design and help build a church that reflects the spirit of Her requests and honors Her under the title of Our Loving Mother and honors the faith of over a million pilgrims who have come to Conyers to pray the Rosary over the years.

7. Our Loving Mother’s Concern for the Consequences of Her Children’s Choices

Over the years, Our Loving Mother has told us that She was sent to help us but we are not listening to Her messages. In Her messages, She tells us about the great love God has for each of us and asks us to open our hearts. She warns us that we must know that the fires of Hell exist and souls who continue to offend God and remain stubborn go there. She advises us clearly that the choice is ours.