Messages of Conyers

The messages Conyers are integrally linked to those received at other apparitions, especially those at Fatima, Portugal, which occurred on the 13th of the month from May 1917 to October 1917. The main apparitions at Conyers also occurred on the 13ths of the month but the similarity and linkage to Fatima is much more profound than the dates.

The Fatima Apparitions

In Her messages at Conyers from 1990 to 1998, the Blessed Mother reminded Her children of America and the world to read and heed Her messages at Fatima where She gave messages on the 13ths for six consecutive months in 1917. These messages culminated in the extraordinary miracle of the sun on October 13th that was reportedly witnessed by 70,000 pilgrims.

The Blessed Mother also stated that the Conyers apparitions were linked most closely to Her appearances at Fatima. In 1930 the Catholic Church declared the apparitions at Fatima worthy of pious belief. Pope John Paul II demonstrated his belief many times in these apparitions. He beatified (a step toward canonization as a saint) two of the three young Fatima visionaries who had died at a young age.

The Requests of Our Lady of Fatima

At Conyers, Jesus recommended that people read messages from other specific apparitions and visionaries including “Our Lady’s Peace Plan from Heaven”, a booklet concerning the Blessed Mother’s requests at Fatima. This booklet is available from Love and Mercy Publications, Our Lady’s Peace Plan is:

  • Consecrate one’s self to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • Offer up daily tasks as a sacrifice in reparation for one’s own sins and the sins of others;
  • Pray the Rosary every day.
  • Wear the Brown scapular as a sign of one’s consecration to Mary, and make acts of reparation to her Immaculate Heart.
  • Make the 5 First Saturdays and meditate 15 minutes on the Mysteries of the Rosary in company with Mary.
  • Make visits to the Blessed Sacrament in reparation for sins against Her Immaculate Heart.
  • Do extra penances and say extra prayers for the conversion of sinners.

A primary purpose of Our Lady of Fatima’s requests as World War I raged on, was to achieve future world peace. She warned of another war, even worse than the ongoing war, and also of the destructive rise of Communist Russia. What She warned about came to pass—Her requests were not heeded.

The Requests of Our Loving Mother at Conyers

At Conyers, the Blessed Mother repeated and expanded upon Her requests at Fatima. Again She warned of another great war if Her requests were not heeded and mankind did not return to God. She stated that Her requests at Fatima had not been fulfilled where She called especially for reparation for the sins of the world by means of prayers and sacrifices. The Bishop of Fatima once characterized the message of Fatima as “Reparation. Reparation. Reparation. Especially Eucharistic reparation.” And so did the messages of Conyers resonate.

In Her final message on October 13, 1998, the Blessed Mother repeated that Her requests remain the same as at Fatima and She further summarized Her many requests at Conyers as follows:

  • Begin to live the messages of love and mercy, living a life to imitate God and being fully united with Him, seeking not worldly treasures but following Jesus and obeying His commandments.
  • Worry not about the future but attend to daily duties and seek the help of St. Joseph and call upon other Saints in Heaven.
  • Pray the Rosary for peace and inner strength and the souls in Purgatory, keeping prayer alive all over so that God may give many graces.
  • Make consecrations to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to her Immaculate Heart.
  • Be united, being one in Christ from East to West all over the world.

Her parting words at Conyers were a call for all to evangelize, be holy witnesses and walk in faith.

The Messages Given to the ‘Spiritual Sister’

Sometime before June 1993, the Conyers visionary prayed for a spiritual “sister”. That prayer was to be answered in the person of Catalina Rivas. In February-March of 1993 and October 1993, the Conyers visionary traveled to Bolivia to evangelize. Catalina was moved by the visionary’s words and messages that were important factors in her return to God and the Church. In September 1993 Catalina began receiving messages from the Blessed Mother and in November 1993 from Jesus.

The Conyers visionary was to make more trips to Bolivia and Catalina made trips to Conyers between 1994 and 1998. In October 1994 Catalina received her stigmata on the Holy Hill at Conyers and later gave joint presentations with the Conyers visionary in 1998 in the United States and Australia. In July of 1999 the FOX Network broadcast worldwide a 2-hour documentary on Catalina. Over the course of the years that followed, 17 books of the teachings given to Catalina were translated from the original Spanish to English and are available from Love and Mercy Publications. Nearly all the books have Imprimaturs.

The extensive teachings given to Catalina further expand upon the themes of Conyers. She was part of the master plan that Jesus had for Conyers since He was soon to call Conyers visionary to a private, contemplative life.

Fewer Conyers Messages Are Published

After the final monthly apparition in May of 1994, the visionary came to the apparition room at the Farm to pray with the pilgrims. When she knelt in front of the crucifix, Jesus would appeared and give her a message to share with the pilgrims. This continued each 13th for the next sixteen months as Jesus would appear to the visionary on the 13th of each month and give a message. In October of 1994, Our Loving Mother also gave Her Anniversary message. Jesus continued to appear monthly until in October, 1995, before the Anniversary message from Our Loving Mother, He told the visionary she would be returning to more solitary prayer and her life will be taking a new direction. After that, the visionary only came to the apparition room at the Farm for the Anniversary Apparition of Our Loving Mother each October 13th.

After the final apparition of Our Loving Mother on October 13, 1998, the visionary of Conyers wanted to withdraw from the public eye even more and retreat to seclusion as she felt her work was done. She later asked that Our Loving Mother’s Children not publish any more of her messages and not to promote or use her name.

In January 2012, the visionary died leaving those instructions intact. Therefore, Our Loving Mother’s Children will continue to honor her request unless her heirs direct otherwise. But it was the providence of God that the Conyers visionary prayed for a spiritual sister and that Catalina responded to His call. And while the books of Conyers messages are no longer available, teachings on the same themes as Conyers are available in the books Jesus and His Mother dictated to Catalina. To read these messages go to: