Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Conyers messages congruent with those received by other visionaries?

The Conyers Messages are integrally linked to those received at other apparitions, especially those at Fatima, Portugal, which occurred on the 13th of the month from May 1917 to October 1917. The main apparitions at Conyers also occurred on the 13ths of the month but the similarity and linkage to Fatima is much more profound than the dates. Read about the linkages between the Fatima messages and those received at Conyers.

What is the Church’s position on the Conyers messages?

In 1991 the Archbishop of Atlanta, James Lyke, established the Western Rite Archdiocese’s policy on the apparitions that was a neutral policy which remains to this day:

“Leave them alone, for if this plan and work of theirs is a man-made thing, it will disappear; but if it comes from God you cannot possibly defeat them.”

After the death of Archbishop Lyke, the next Archbishop of Atlanta, John Donoghue, has maintained this neutral policy based on Acts 5:38-39 but he noted in 1994 many reports of good fruits at the apparition site: “People are praying. People are coming back to church who hadn’t been in a church for a long time. People’s faith is restored. Conversions are taking place.”

Since the visionary was a member of the Western Rite of the Catholic Church, the Archbishop of Atlanta has the primary responsibility to investigate the authenticity of her alleged apparitions. As recently as April 2001, the Archbishop has stated that he had no plans to begin an investigation.

Archbishop Donoghue has stated that the Church’s 1978 Norms for judging private revelation would be followed should there be any future investigation into the alleged apparitions in Conyers. These Norms can be summarized as follows:

  1. There must be no doubt that what is occurring is miraculous, truly exceptional and beyond human explanation.
  2. During the time period of the reported apparitions, the visionary must have been mentally sound, honest, sincere, of upright conduct, obedient to Church authorities and able to return to the normal practices of the faith.
  3. The content of the revelations, the messages, must be theologically acceptable and morally sound and free of doctrinal error attributed to God or to the Blessed Virgin Mary or some other saint.
  4. The apparitions must result in positive spiritual aspects, which endure such as prayer, conversion and increase of charity.
  5. There must be no hint of financial advantage to anyone connected with the apparitions.

In his 1991 policy statement on the Conyers apparitions, Archbishop Lyke cautioned that any self-gain on the part of the visionary (-ies) or their associates would seriously compromise possible authenticity. Ms. Fowler has repeatedly assured Church authorities, the Court, pilgrims and volunteers that neither she nor her family received financial gain from the apparitions.

One of the main reasons for incorporating Our Loving Mother’s Children (“OLMC”) as a non-profit, religious education organization was to be sure that there would be no financial advantage to anyone connected with the apparitions.

As part of its publishing responsibilities, OLMC had all the published Conyers messages first reviewed by priests to assure the messages were theologically and morally sound, free of doctrinal error and, thus, in conformance with Church teachings.

Should the Church decide to investigate the Conyers apparitions, a large quantity of messages and other documentation has been complied and extensive testimony has been recorded, which the Church can use to evaluate the authenticity of the apparitions.

Since they first began acquiring land at the apparition site in 1991, OLMC and its main benefactors have intended that the land would be eventually donated to the Catholic Church for a permanent church and shrine to honor Our Loving Mother.

As recently as April 2001, Archbishop Donoghue stated that he had no plans to build a Western Rite Catholic church or shrine at the site because he did not want to create the impression of endorsing the experiences of the visionary prior to any eventual diocesan investigation into the authenticity of her apparitions.

The Archbishop has concurred that an Eastern Rite Bishop has the authority and freedom to establish an Eastern Rite Catholic parish at the site and indicated that his Archdiocese had no interest in co-owning the apparition site. The Western Rite and the Eastern Rites are both in full communion with the Pope.

The Eastern Rite Mother of God Catholic Church was established next to the apparition site in October 1998 by Bishop Robert Moskal.

With the retirement of Archbishop John Donoghue, Pope John Paul II appointed the Most Rev. Wilton D. Gregory as the new Archbishop of Atlanta on December 9, 2004. He was installed as the Archbishop of Atlanta on January 17, 2005. Since that time, there has been no change in the Archdiocese’s policy on the apparitions and they have maintained this neutral policy based on Acts 5:38-39.

“Leave them alone, for if this plan and work of theirs is a man-made thing, it will disappear; but if it comes from God you cannot possibly defeat them.”

What is pilgrimage and why is it important?

Our Loving Mother’s Children (OLMC) and its volunteers are the heirs of a long tradition of people who believe that, from time to time, God acts in unique and miraculous ways. The specific locations where God acts in these exceptional ways are thereafter seen as holy ground.

Throughout the ages, the believer, the seeker and the curious have made pilgrimages to such sites. This is particularly true in the Catholic Church where for centuries Catholic pilgrims have traveled to the original places where Jesus worked, died and was resurrected and even the site of the apparition of the Ascension of Jesus where He gave the Great Commission to the Apostles to evangelize. At all these sites, the Church has built shrines to commemorate the acts of God.

In some cases these specific aspects of the experience go back far beyond the coming of the Messiah and are evident in the books of the Old Testament. Such is the case with pilgrimages, sanctuaries, icons and apparitions.

These religious aspects are not limited to the Judeo-Christian tradition but can be seen in many other religious traditions such as the Islam’s pilgrimage to Mecca.

Some of the most widely known and visited Catholic shrines are those which honor Mary, the Mother of God, under Her titles of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, Mexico, Our Lady of Lourdes in France and Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal.

Over the centuries, millions of people have made pilgrimages to these holy places. An important element of all these shrines is the presence of a Catholic church and the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus in the church’s Tabernacle at the site.

The last decade has seen the largest pilgrimages in the history of the world. In 1995, the largest gathering of all time was to World Youth Day in Manila, Philippines, where four million people from all over the world attended.

The second largest single pilgrimage in the history of Christendom was to the Funeral of Pope John Paul II after his death on April 2, 2005. An estimated four million people traveled to Rome, in addition to the almost three million people already living there, to see the body of Pope John Paul II lie in state.

Both of these massive pilgrimages centered around the person of Pope John Paul II, who emphasized personal holiness and the call to bring others the message of the Gospel.

The Conyers apparitions are part of God’s Master Plan for the salvation of souls. The Conyers apparitions were about faith and evangelization, the saving of souls through traditional Catholic spirituality, teachings and devotion. The apparitions can be summed up in two words, Love and Mercy.

In this spirit of pilgrimage, we invite you to come to Conyers on pilgrimage and experience for yourself a renewed faith and a deeper relationship with God. The Farm and surrounding grounds are open all year around from 9:00 a.m. to Dusk. The facilities and grounds are also available for private retreats. For more information please go to Plan your Retreat.

Where can I find the original Conyers messages?

Selections of the messages received by the Conyers visionary from Jesus and Mary can be found on her official website at To view videos, messages and interviews by the visionary that were taken during the 1990s, click on “Videos” found on the left side of the Home page on her official site.

Where can I find the messages received by Catalina Rivas?

The messages received by Catalina Rivas from Jesus and Mary have been published by Our Loving Mother’s Children, Inc. under its publishing arm of Love and Mercy Publications with the website address of: Since its creation, Love and Mercy has distributed over one-half million books and DVD’s with the messages and teachings from Jesus and Mary through Catalina Rivas. The books are available to read and/or print from our web site for free in both English and Spanish. This allows the Holy Spirit to inspire people from all over the world to read these teachings through the internet.

How many people have visited Conyers over the years?

In the early 1990s, word of the apparitions at Conyers spread and thousands of faithful pilgrims from all over the world journey to Conyers to experience Our Loving Mother and Her Son. The largest group of Pilgrims, estimated to be well over 100,000, gathered on October 13, 1998 for the final apparition of Our Loving Mother on the Farm at Conyers . Over the years, more than 1 million pilgrims have visited and walked these Holy Grounds where Jesus and Our Loving Mother have appeared. They have promised that Their presence will remain and invite pilgrims to come in faith to pray and receive abundant graces.

Where in the Apparition Room did Our Loving Mother appear to the visionary and why all the different statues and pictures of the Blessed Mother?

Our Loving Mother would appear to the visionary in the front, left side of the fireplace in the corner of the room where Our Loving Mother’s statue is on the corner shelf She would appear most of the time as Our Loving Mother in the colors like the statue. She once had said that these are Her “Working Clothes”.Our Loving Mother also told us that she is “One Mother With Many Titles” This is why we Honor Her with the other statues, icons and pictures under Her different titles. Regardless of your favorite title, She is One Mother, with Many Titles, truly Our Loving Mother.

Does Our Loving Mother still visit Conyers today?

In Her last apparition, Our Loving Mother appeared with Her Son and towards the end of the apparition She reminded us that She and Her Son were not leaving us but will remain with us. She asked us to be holy witnesses and walk in faith.

In previous apparitions, Our Loving Mother has told us that She is not leaving us, She departs yet She remains with us. We are asked not to walk by sight but walk each step in complete living faith. She told us the graces will continue to flow from Her home in Conyers. Jesus and Mary want us to come in faith and pray. She asked us to honor Her under this title of Our Loving Mother and graces will pour forth from Heaven.

What can I do at Conyers today?

Today, pilgrims continue to visit Conyers to experience Our Loving Mother’s presence in a place where She appeared 49 times from 1990-1998. Our Loving Mother told us that Conyers is Her home and that graces would continue to flow from Her home to those who faithfully visit the site.

The Farm and OLMC serve pilgrims from all over the world, providing a place to experience peace, love and healing. The 100+ acre site is filled with quiet places to pray and enter into a deeper relationship with Christ. Whether in a retreat setting, amongst friends, or on your own, your heart will find peace at Conyers.

Find out more about what Conyers offers pilgrims today.

Where do my donations go?

Our Loving Mother’s Children, Inc is a non-profit organization with an all volunteer staff. Donations are needed for the care and upkeep of the 100+ acres, the maintenance of the Farm House, Spirituality Center and associated buildings. Also for security, utilities, insurance, equipment repairs, etc. All donations are tax deductible.

In addition, tax deductible donations may be made for the building fund that will go towards improvements and a new meeting and retreat center to accommodate larger groups. Donations for the “Building Fund” should be clearly marked on your check or envelope.

All tax deductible donations may be left in the donation box at the farm if you are visiting or may be mailed to Our Loving Mother’s Children, P O Box 82000, Conyers, GA 30013

What happens with my prayer requests?

During each month, prayer requests that are mailed or emailed are gathered and placed in the Apparition Room in the prayer petition basket. Visiting Pilgrims may place their prayer petitions directly in the basket during their visit. The prayer petition basket is in front of the kneeler below Our Loving Mother’s Statue. This is the corner of the apparition room where She appeared from 1991 to 1998 at the Farm.

On the 13th, after the traditional Rosary in the apparition room, the petitions are removed and carried to the Mother of God Catholic Church that is adjacent to the apparition site. At 2:00 pm the pilgrim Mass is offered for the pilgrims and their intentions. After Mass, the petitions are blessed and presented to Jesus through the intercession of Our Loving Mother.

What is the difference between and is the official site, since 1991, of Our Loving Mother’s Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for the pilgrims of Conyers and carrying out the requests of Jesus and Mary that were received by the Conyers visionary. On, you can learn the Conyers Story, gain access to resources and plan a visit to The Farm visited by countless pilgrims. is the official site of the Conyers visionary, who had sole rights to the messages she received. In 2012, after a long battle with cancer, the Conyers visionary entered eternal rest with Our Lord. Her family and colleagues continue to share some of the messages from Jesus and Our Loving Mother on the site.

Some messages and interviews are available in videos of the visionary that were taken during the 1990′s, and can be viewed by clicking on “Videos” on the left side of the Home page on her official site.

How can I share my own personal experience of Conyers?

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What is the purpose of Our Loving Mother’s Children (OLMC)?

Our Loving Mother’s Children and its volunteers are the heirs of a long tradition of people who believe that, from time to time, God acts in unique and miraculous ways. As non-profit religious educational organization under the laws of the state of Georgia, we exist for the purpose of accomplishing four primary goals.

  1. Serve the pilgrims of Conyers who journey to Holy Ground.
  2. Bring people all over the world to know Our Loving Mother and Her Son, Jesus.
  3. Act as stewards over the holy Conyers grounds, protecting and sharing the enduring Conyers legacy.
  4. To build a church to honor Our Loving Mother on the site of the apparitions.

Learn more about OLMC and its mission.

I am unable to physically visit Conyers. How can I share in the Conyers experience today?

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