Today, the Farm and OLMC serve pilgrims from all over the world, providing a place to experience peace, love and healing. The 100+ acre site is filled with quiet places to pray and enter into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Many improvements have been added since the apparitions ended. The monthly Rosary continues at noon each 13th as many pilgrims come back to thank Jesus and Our Loving Mother for the blessing and graces they have received at Conyers. Our Loving Mother’s Sunday Prayer Group still meets in the apparition room every Sunday to pray the Rosary at 3:00 p.m. The Farm and grounds are open daily from 9:00 a.m. to dusk.

On October 1, 2000, the Feast Day of the Protection of the Mother of God marked the establishment of Our Loving Mother’s Spirituality Center at the Farm in Conyers. The Spirituality Center is available for Retreats, Prayer Groups and Conferences.  The Center will hold up to 100 people and is completely air conditioned. It has a small kitchen and eating area ideal for a brown bag lunch. The Center is self contained with toilet facilities and break area where hot and cold drinks can be served. Speaker system & large TV are available upon request. To request date for availability, you may call 770-922-8885 or send a request via email to:

The rear room of the farmhouse where the visionary would pray before the noontime apparitions of Our Loving Mother has been dedicated as the Divine Mercy Room. Jesus appeared many times to the visionary on the 13th in this room. It is the same room where Jesus came alive surrounded in light on the Crucifix as He spoke to the visionary with the scientists present that were testing her on July 13, 1993. As He spoke, the scientist put their probe on the hand of Jesus and recorded a pulse. They then placed the probe on His chest and recorded a heartbeat. Then Jesus said to the visionary, “That is all” and everything stopped.

Rosary Hill has been established in the field behind the Spirituality Center with the twenty mysteries of the Rosary surrounding the perimeter. In the center, a replica of the Holy Hill has been made for the pilgrims. It includes the ascending  stone cross with the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue at the center of the cross and the Blessed Mother statue at the foot of the cross. Behind the stone cross in a large upright crucifix. This replica of the original Holy Hill follows the original instructions given to the visionary in 1990. The Holy Hill is surrounded by Angels.

The Stations of the Cross have been set up along the path from the farm to the Mother of God Catholic Church where Jesus is present in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity and welcomes all pilgrims to come and spend a little time with Him.

Two new Grottos to honor Our Loving Mother under her many titles has also been established in the wooded area along the Path of the Saints that are honored. Those Grottos are the Shrine of our Lady of Pochaiz and the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

There are many other Points of Interest to see and visit. Click the markers on the map for information and photos for each respective area of interest. 

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