Conyers Today

Pilgrims continue to visit Conyers to experience Our Loving Mother’s presence in a place where She appeared 49 times from 1990-1998. Our Loving Mother told us that Conyers is Her home and that graces would continue to flow from Her home to those who faithfully visit the site.

Pray Icon

Know Him and Love Him.

Develop a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ in the many quiet places and shrines scattered on the 100+ acres of lush Georgia farmland. Converse with Our Lord and rejoice in the beauty of God’s creation.

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Walk on Holy Ground.

Conyers is where Our Lord and His Mother revealed themselves. You will be captivated and consumed by the many graces of the grounds, knowing that Our Loving Mother and Jesus are in your midst.

Love and Mercy Icon

Experience His Love and Mercy.

One of Our Lord’s key revelations at Conyers was the profound depth of His unconditional Love and Mercy. Discover this love and mercy firsthand, allow Him to transform and heal your life, and leave forever changed.

A Peaceful Place: Learn more about what pilgrims can do at Conyers.

Conyers offers something far more profound than a physical space. The Living Word of God that was spoken at Conyers in the 1990s continues to transform and heal today—even for those who are unable to make the physical journey to Our Loving Mother’s home.

The Fruits of Conyers: Learn more about Conyers’ many enduring fruits.