About Our Loving Mother’s Children

Our Loving Mother’s Children and its volunteers are the heirs of a long tradition of people who believe that, from time to time, God acts in unique and miraculous ways. As a non-profit religious educational organization under the laws of the state of Georgia, we exist for the purpose of accomplishing four primary goals.

1. Serve the pilgrims of Conyers who journey to Holy Ground.

OLMC was founded for the express purpose of caring for and supporting the many pilgrims that make the journey to Conyers. This began in the 1990s as we worked to meet all zoning and accommodation regulations for the crowds that flocked to Conyers to experience Our Loving Mother and Our Lord. Our care for the pilgrims continues today, as we welcome people from all over the world to experience this peaceful and holy place where Jesus and Mary appeared.

2. Bring people all over the world to know Our Loving Mother and Her Son, Jesus.

In addition to caring for the pilgrims of Conyers, OLMC works to share and live out the messages that Jesus and Our Loving Mother communicated. This was the request of Our Loving Mother in her final vision at Conyers—that we share and live out Her messages, and lead people to Her Son.

OLMC actively champions the Saint Pope John Paul II’s call to a New Evangelization by promoting the 2000 year-old call to evangelize that was repeated by Jesus and Mary numerous times at Conyers. At OLMC, we seek to evangelize and transform hearts in the model and with the help of the chief evangelist of all time, Our Loving Mother.

You Shall Believe is the official evangelization arm of OLMC, dedicated to bringing people all over the world to know and love Jesus and Mary. Please visit our web site for more information at: www.youshallbelieve.com.

Love and Mercy Publications is the official publication arm of OLMC, dedicated to disseminating the messages that Our Lord and Our Loving Mother dictated to Catalina Rivas. Please visit our web site for more information at: www.loveandmercy.org.

Both arms work to advance OLMC’s original mission.

3. Act as stewards over the holy Conyers grounds, protecting and sharing the enduring Conyers legacy.

Today OLMC is the steward of 100+ acres of lush Georgia farmland, holy ground that is open to the public for individual visits, group trips and planned retreats. We seek to protect and carry on the enduring legacies of Conyers in a way that prevents financial gain, and welcomes all to experience this beautiful place—the home of Our Loving Mother.

OLMC maintains, oversees and cares for the facilities at Conyers, including ongoing maintenance and improvements like beautiful shrines and grottos to honor Our Lord and His Mother.

4. To build a church to honor Our Loving Mother.

Our Loving Mother said at Conyers that She is one Mother with many titles. The Mother of God is honored all over the world under many titles in both Eastern and Western Catholic traditions. OLMC seeks to develop a church to honor Our Loving Mother. The church will reflect our universal love for Her within the Catholic Church.

In Her final message at Conyers, Our Loving Mother said that She was gathering Her children together from East to West into the one Body of Christ and called Her children to be united. The intent is to build a church that reflects the spirit of Her requests in its design while honoring the faith of over a million pilgrims who have come to Conyers to pray the Rosary over the years.